Six years after being delisted, a classic iPhone game is back thanks to an anonymous group of fans

Infinity Blade, one of the most impressive iOS games of its time and long delisted, is back for the first time in years, even if it isn’t official.

The very first iPhone was released way, way back in 2007, and kind of took the world by storm. It was Apple’s first attempt at a phone, offering a fancy touchscreen filled with all kinds of apps and games that were so intuitive and unique compared to its competitors. For the most part, graphically, there wasn’t anything impressive on there, at least up until 2010’s Infinity Blade, a game you probably haven’t thought about in years that was actually developed by Fortnite maker Epic Games. Unfortunately, though, in 2018 the action RPG was delisted alongside its two sequels due to issues with updating the game for modern hardware. It’s been unplayable since then, but as reported by PC Gamer, a group of dedicated fans have managed to make the game playable on PC through a port of the game.

As revealed over on the Infinity Blade subreddit (yes, there’s a subreddit for everything), the port features “upgraded textures, graphics, and various optimizations for PC such as keybinds, audio sliders, file management, and more.” The port appears to have been done anonymously, and over on the Internet Archive page where the port is listed, the modders that made it explained that “all efforts on this port have been done purely for the sake of lost media preservation.” Of course, despite the fact that the game hasn’t been available for purchase since 2018, and has been impossible to download since 2020, there is still the chance that Epic Games could file a takedown, so don’t expect it to be around forever.

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