Sea of Thieves shows off its new sea fort encounters ahead of this week’s Season 6

Following a rather low-key end of 2021 – in which Sea of Thieves players got buriable treasure, some fancy fireworks, and the ability to sit on things – Rare is ready to step things up again for the piratical multiplayer adventure’s first big update of 2022, bringing Spanish-style sea fort raids and more when Season 6 arrives this Thursday, 10th March.

We do, of course, already know much of what Season 6 has to offer thanks to Rare’s early 2022 blow-out, in which it detailed its ambitious plans for the year. If you missed that, though, the first big addition comes in the form of six Spanish-style sea forts dotted around the map. These imposing edifices, sucked into the Sea of Thieves as part of the game’s new ongoing storyline, essentially function as solo-friendly, on-demand World Events, serving up a swifter, more streamlined experience compared to the likes of Skeleton Forts.

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