Sea of Thieves players say farewell to the arena, as Season 6 makes it walk the plank

With the launch of Sea of Thieves season six, a bunch of new features are being added to get players back on the ocean and scouring the deep waters for treasure. However, with these new additions comes a devastating loss, as the arena mode has gotten axed with this major update.

To commemorate the death of Sea of Thieves’ ill fated PvP mode, players gathered in game to send arenas off in typical Sea of Thieves fashion. This included playing music, walking in a sad conga line, and spamming the weeping emote. Some also started drinking, as is the norm at any good pirate wake.

On a video posted to the Sea of Thieves reddit, user ChaoticVic shows a large number of like minded pioneers walking around the arena lobby in a celebration of the late great PvP activity. Comments below the video are filled with players who’re recounting their time with the mode, waving goodbye to the arena and leaving anecdotes of their time playing it.

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