Saber is actually rescuing more studios from Embracer than was announced – and that includes Metro dev 4A

You know how we recently learned that Saber Interactive was gaining its independence from the terrifying embrace of Embracer Group? Well, Embracer’s now officially confirmed that the sale has gone through for a quoted sum of $247 million, but its official announcement looks to have cheekily left out telling you that some of the key studios Saber’s taking with it actually seem to be, you know, going with Saber for definite.

Yes, Embracer, according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, looks to have forgotten to mention that Saber had successfully called dibs on a couple of extra household gadgets during the corporate gaming version of that inevitable big rush to claim family heirlooms whenever one of your relatives passes away. At least one of the studios in question is pretty well known, too.

Schreier claims that the publisher’s big official announcement of the deal, which you can read here, is “a little misleading”, citing a letter to staff from Saber CEO Matt Karch. “Saber is actually bringing along 4A Games (Metro) and Zen Studios (Pinball) through options, which (combined with liabilities) amounts to a purchase price of around $500 million, as Bloomberg reported last month,” he suggested.

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