PS Plus April includes one of the best games you’ll ever play

Slay the Spire is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I think I’ve got over 100 hours in the game on Switch, and another 50 or so on Xbox. And, thanks to the announcement that it’s coming to PS+ in April, I’m probably going to sink another 50 into it on my PS5, too.

Let’s start with a a top-line of what Slay the Spire actually is: it’s a turn-based, dungeon-crawler, deck-builder that plays like a roguelike. Think Binding of Isaac meets Hearthstone (or Magic: The Gathering meets FTL: Faster Than Light) and you’ve got a very rudimentary base to build off. But those comparisons have limited use, because the game is unique – and therein lies its specific and undeniable charm.

Starting up a new save, you will play as one of the four main characters in the game. You will have a basic and fairly underpowered deck. But that’s good, because you will be forced to learn the mechanics, one by one. You’ll learn quickly that this is a deck builder that’s less about getting a lot of cards in your deck, but instead about controlling what comes into your hand.

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