Pokemon Violet and Scarlet releasing late 2022 and fans already love the starters

It’s a pretty good time to be a Pokemon fan; for the first time in a very long time, we’re getting three major Pokemon releases within a 12-month period. Following both Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – a brand new duo of open world Pokemon adventures that will launch on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

The announcement of these new titles came during Pokemon Day 2022’s Pokemon Presents, when the company announced that these Game Freak-developed games will feature a new region and its three new starter Pokemon, too.

As you’d expect, the world has already lost its mind about the three new starters (that follow the age-old Pokemon formula, Type-wise). You will be able to choose either the Grass Cat Sprigatito, the Fire Croc Fuecoco, or the Water Duckling Quaxly.

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