Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The coolest, funniest and weirdest stuff Spanish Trainers have spotted so far

So, a second major Pokemon release is dropping in 2022. While some of us are still pushing through Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ first-ever open world in the series, The Pokemon Company has just unveiled Scarlet and Violet, which are adopting the same structure in a bold move for the mainline series. However, that’s not what set the Pokemon community on fire this Sunday just gone.

The announcement confirmed that developer Game Freak fully expected the franchise’s first venture into modern open worlds to be a hit among fans and casual players alike. These new entries are a bigger deal though, as they represent the ninth generation of Pokemon (Arceus marked the start of a “side” series). Of course, a new gen means we get to explore a previously unseen region of the Pokemon world – 2019’s Sword and Shield went full British, and the new duo of games are sticking to Europe… but this time, they’re all about Spain.

First off, let me, a Spaniard, make something clear: Spain is an actual country which – contrary to popular belief – isn’t located somewhere below the United States. Reading about Game Freak “paying homage to Coco and Encanto’s aesthetics” made my head spin. Those comments are an insult to both Latin American countries and the Iberian Peninsula as a whole (not just Spain) – turns out Southern European countries are more than just Italy and Greece.

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