Pokemon Legends Z-A has the chance to redeem one of the series’ most disappointing entries

Sorry to those of you that look back fondly on the sixth generation of games, but Pokemon X and Y were not that good. Don’t get me wrong, I do actually have a soft spot for them as they helped me bond with my friends back in the day, but it was the friends element that was the most important part, not the quality of the games.

They also felt unfinished, with several mysteries left completely unresolved, and a half-baked story that ends just as it’s getting interesting. And then, lo and behold, The Pokemon Company finally does the unthinkable 10 years later – it announces Pokemon Legends Z-A.

Whispers and rumours of a supposed Pokemon Z flitted about for the longest time, but it never materialised, with the series instead just moving on to Generation Seven with Sun and Moon. Everyone was convinced that all those little things teased in X and Y would finally be expanded upon, but a decade has passed since they were released (god I feel old), and rather than being a case of a game filled with classic Pokemon secrets, it just felt like regrets.

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