New Monsters And Locations Revealed For Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Platform: Switch, PC
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release: (Switch), (PC)

Along with a June release date, Capcom revealed brand new locations and monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise with the upcoming Sunbreak expansion. You can watch the entire digital event and read about the exciting new monsters, characters, and locals below.

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The Citadel

The new trailer, which you can watch above, shows off a new open area to explore and hunt called The Citadel. Featuring crumbling gothic structures, the climate in The Citadel varies wildly. One part of the map will be heavily forested, while another is covered in icy mountains. Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said there will be “never-before-seen” endemic life such as the marionette spider and morphed wirebug, both of which are variations of helpful creatures found in the base content in Rise. 

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Hunters will travel find their new base of operations in the Elgado Outpost, an encampment built on the shore of a vast ocean. Resembling more of a medieval fort rather than Kimura Village’s decidedly Japanese aesthetic, Elgado and its residents have a deeper western influence. There you’ll find important new characters like the Royal Knight Fiorayne, who brings you to this far-off land, and her leader General Galleus. Elgado is also home to new quest-giver Chichae, and all of the blacksmiths and merchants a hunter needs to gear up properly for missions.

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New Monster: Garangolm

Out in the field, hunters will come across all kinds of threatening monsters, including a trio known as The Three Lords. Garangolm is the first we met today. It’s a huge fanged beast that looks like an armored gorilla. While it may be docile at first, Garangolm can wreck hunters easily with its mastery of both water and fire. When it enrages, its left arm is covered in moss, while the right is enveloped in magma, providing a devastating one-two punch of the polar opposite elements. 

New Monster: Lunagaron

Lunagaron is a new fanged wyvern, and the first hunters will meet in Sunbreak. It shows up near Kimura Village and is the catalyst for Fiorayne to bring us to her base of operations in Elgado Outpost. Lunagaron is another member of The Three Lords with Garangom and the Elder Dragon Malzeno Uses. It covers its body in icy armor and reveals its true bipedal, claw-slashing form when it becomes enraged.

More Monsters New To Sunbreak

A new subspecies of Monster Hunter Rise’s Bishaten makes its debut in Sunbreak. Known as Blood Orange Bishaten, this bat monkey throws exploding pinecones at hunters instead of the sticky fruit Bishaten usually chucks at enemies.

Astalos, an electrifying flying wyvern, will make its triumphant return in the upcoming expansion. It generates electricity in its wings, horn, and tail, making those areas dangerous targets for hunters to focus on. Astalos has only ever appeared in the Generations series, making this its main-line Monster Hunter debut.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak releases June 30 for Nintendo Switch and PC. You can learn more about the various editions available at launch and the new set of Monster Hunter Amiibos coming at the same time right here.


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