New Missions And Rewards Feature Arrives On Nintendo Switch

A recent update to the Nintendo Switch has brought a new feature called Missions and Rewards. While not quite achievements, these little tasks encourage Switch owners to use and explore the Switch Online service.

With the update now available, anyone subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online has access to Missions and Rewards. This feature adds tasks that, when completed, will shell out a handful of My Nintendo Platinum Points upon completion. Missions to complete include backing up a save to the cloud or booting up Super Mario Bros. in the Switch Online NES collection or other ways to make sure you’re exploring everything you can do with your online subscription. To view these missions, simply head to the Nintendo Switch Online app on the Switch’s home screen.

Since the rewards available use the already existing Platinum Points, you may already have a pile of coins stashed away to redeem on a host of new digital items like new icon elements. These elements are character photos, frames, and backgrounds used to build and customize an icon image for your Switch profile. Right now, Switch Online users can pay Platinum Points for Animal Crossing and Mario Odyssey-themed icon parts, with a fresh set of icon elements becoming available each month. Or you can just save up the Platinum Points for the physical and digital prizes already offered in the My Nintendo program. 

For other recent additions and announcements for Nintendo Switch Online, check out the new additions of Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings to the service, and the reveal of new tracks coming to Mario Kart 8 in the very near future.


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