New Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Website Celebrates Series History, Teases Info On Upcoming Titles

Final Fantasy XVI 35th Anniversary Website New Tease Upcoming Info

Platform: PlayStation 5, PC
Publisher: Square Enix

It’s a big year for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series. Not only does this year mark the release of Chocobo GP, a Final Fantasy kart racer, but it marks the release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a game that promises to be one of the strangest spinoffs in the series yet. 

However, above all of that, 2022 is Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary year and Square Enix has created a brand new website to celebrate that and tease information about new games and more. The website is a bit light on content right now, featuring just a handful of messages, a live feed of Final Fantasy Twitter accounts, and a portal to news, but it could be the host of new information about upcoming Final Fantasy games soon. 

“We will continue to work hard making each Final Fantasy game one that you will remember for a long time to come,” Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase writes in a message on the site. “The FF 35th site will support new releases, sharing info on upcoming titles and merchandise. I hope you’re excited for what’s on the way for Final Fantasy.” 

Elsewhere on the site, Square Enix writes that “in this 35th anniversary year, we will be bringing you many exciting new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy,” and that fans should “please look forward to what Final Fantasy has in store.” 

As for what’s in store this year, Chocobo GP hits Switch tomorrow, on March 10. Then, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a Final Fantasy I spin-off developed by the team behind the popular Nioh series, hits PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 18.

While not confirmed for 2022, there’s also the chance that Final Fantasy XVI, a PlayStation console exclusive, releases this year, which would make for quite a Final Fantasy lineup in 2022. Perhaps we’ll learn more about Stranger of Paradise or XVI during today’s PlayStation State of Play that will have a “special focus” on games from Japanese publishers. Only time will tell. 

To help celebrate Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary, you can now listen to all of the mainline Final Fantasy soundtracks thanks to a new and official Square Enix YouTube music channel that hosts a ton of the series’ soundtracks and scores. 

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