Need For Speed Unbound to get new NFS Underground and Hot Pursuit-style races

Need For Speed: Unbound, the most recent entry in the long-running series about driving around very fast on the streets (yay) or on the track (boo), is getting some new races inspired by bonafide classics NFS Underground and NFS Hot Pursuit.

Yup, the past is back to tempt you into a racing game full of hypebeast culture and colourful swoosh effects. Hey, at least it’s with good reason though, as Unbound’s doing its bit to celebrate the series hitting age 30 in December this year.

As outlined in Unbound’s year two roadmap, these retro-inspired events will be arriving this summer, as part of big themed updates that’re set to run for a few months at a time. The headliners are the second one of these, which will include Underground-style drift and drag races and run from May through to July, and the third, which will bring Hot Pursuit-inspired cops vs racers events to Unbound from August to October.

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