Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion gets June release date on PC and Switch

It’s been a long wait for new information on Monster Hunter Rise’s “massive” Sunbreak expansion following its reveal last September, but Capcom has now delivered in its latest Digital Event livestream, showcasing some of the expansion’s new features and slapping it with a 30th June release date on Switch and PC.

Sunbreak will, we’re told, pick up immediately following the resolution of the base game’s Rampage storyline, with the expansion’s new story arc kicking into gear when previously revealed new monster Lunagaron – plus Dame Fioyrane, a royal knight from a distant kingdom – are sighted in Rise’s familiar Shrine Ruins area. Capcom reminds players that Sunbreak can be accessed after completing the 7-star hub quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder in the base game and that a selection of powerful support items are now available to players via a recent free update should they want to accelerate their progress in preparation for the expansion.

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