Martha is Dead review – promising Italian horror descends into incoherent chaos

Whilst I do my best to keep my reviews spoiler-free, it’s incredibly difficult to critique Martha Is Dead without reflecting, in part, on some of its more problematic story beats. Consequently, though I promise to minimise them, it’s unlikely this review will be entirely without spoilers. Apologies!

The scene everyone’s talking about right now – a scene at the beginning of the game where a girl deftly slices off the face of her twin sister’s corpse – is not the scene from Martha is Dead that we should be talking about. I don’t think it’s the scene we will be talking about. There are several sequences, in fact, that may spark the outrage of pearl clutchers everywhere, scenes that are so gratuitously obscene that even I – a card-carrying lover of deliciously dark stories with a penchant for psychological horror – struggle to justify, and that some may struggle to stomach.

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