Love Live! gacha game casually announces global launch and closure at the same time

Good news idol fans! The global release date for Love Live! School idol festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! has been revealed. But before you get too excited, the game’s global closure date was also announced in the same Twitter post. Launching in February 2024, the game will be supported for a whopping three months, before closing its doors in May 2024.

What that actually means is that you’ll be able to download and play the game to your heart’s desire starting from next month (with an exact release date to be determined), but when May 31 rolls around you’ll no longer be able to download it or buy any in-app purchases. This is a gacha game by the way, with new idols being acquired through in-app purchases.

This may very well be the first ever simultaneous release and closure date announcement. But what’s going on here, why is this happening? Well, Love Live! School idol festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE! is a relatively recent release for a popular idol IP. In spite of its popularity, the Japanese release back in 2023 didn’t exactly make waves. With the global version being MIA throughout the whole of last year, even as its predecessor Love Live! School idol festival 1 was taken offline, there’s not really been a game for idol fans to play (or perhaps more importantly for publisher Bushiroad to spend money on).

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