Love it or hate it, Velma season 2 gets its first trailer

Velma season 2 finally has a trailer ahead of its premiere later this month, showing that the titular character is leading a new life – a popular one.

When the first season of Velma released last year, it didn’t exactly go down well with… well, anyone, to be honest. Clearly it was popular enough to warrant a second season though, as the first trailer for it came out yesterday, showing off a look at Velma’s life post-solving her first case. Like the first season, it looks like there’ll be more teen angst, difficult relationships, and violence. This time around it appears that there’s a serial killer targeting men, but unsurprisingly the mystery as to why is something you’ll have to see solved in the show itself.

Mindy Kaling returns as the titular Velma for season 2, alongside Constance Wu as Daphne, Sam Richardson as Norville (aka Shaggy), and Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton as Fred. Spoilers here for the first season of the show if you haven’t watched it and do actually want to check it out, but the trailer also shows Norville struggling with hallucinations of Fred’s mother Victoria, who he accidentally caused the death of after it came to light that she was the murderer from season 1. Of course, because this is an adult show you have to remember, the apparent cure for this is marijuana.

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