Lost Ark roadmap revealed – Destroyer, Arcanist, South Vern and new raids are on the way!

Mere weeks after its western release, Lost Ark has gotten a content roadmap for the next three months. From this reveal, we now know the full scope of new content coming to the game in the near future, including new story content, new raids, subclasses, and more.

This all comes as the first wave of steady content additions to the game as the western version is further brought up to the current state of the game found on the Korean and Russian version of the game. As such, we can expect similar injections of content over the coming months.

For those eager to find out more about the next chapter in the Lost Ark narrative, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re getting a new story episode in March. This all revolves around the search for Kadan, and introduces new quests and islands to explore. You’ll obviously have to be all caught up on the current story content if you want to experience this as it releases, so be sure to finish that soon!

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