Look, Fallout 4’s next-gen updates might have made things tricky mod-wise, but here’s a Fat Man that fires cuddly IKEA sharks

The next-gen update to Fallout 4, and its less heralded sequel , have proven a bit annoying for a lot of PC players who aren’t too bothered about the new additions they bring. Why? Well, because they’ve messed with a lot of important mods, as game updates tend to do. But it’s ok, folks who’ve chosen to stop their copy updating, here’s a mod that’ll stop you feeling like you’re missing out on one of the update’s actually good things – the Piggy Bank Fat Man.

Yup, forget about those poor folks who’re wondering when a fix might drop for their VATS issues. The real people who’re hard done by here are those of us who’d had to forego some fun weapons because we don’t want to patiently wait for things to be updated.

Enter ‘Blahaj Tactical Support‘, a mod from Herby247 that gives you a Fat Man which fires explosive versions of the cuddly IKEA (other furniture shops are available) shark named Blahaj – which has become an iconic image of LGBTQ+ positivity in recent years. This isn’t the first time the shark has popped up in Fallout 4 either, with Herby247 having also recently made an “Emotional Support” backpack version and fellow modder Elianora having included it as a workshop item in a trans solidarity-themed pride themed mod last year.

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