Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 being refreshed with cloud saves, controller support, more

Fans of Adeline Software’s much-loved Little Big Adventure series will soon be able to play both instalments with a selection of newly implemented modern day niceties, including cloud saves and controller support, thanks to refresh work currently underway at developer 2.21.

The original Little Big Adventure – an evocative blend of platforming, puzzling, and exploration that charted the story of young hero Twinsen, on the run from evil dictator Dr. FunFrock – released back in 1994 and was followed by a sequel three years later. With both titles now over a quarter of a century old, they are, understandably, rather lacking in terms of modern day polish, and 2.21 is looking to remedy that as it seeks to bring the games to more players ahead of its planned third instalment in the Little Big Adventure series.

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