Lessons from an endless search for the perfect Gaming & Home Working setup

Maybe it was one of those crises inspired by major life events, but once I knew I had a baby on the way, I made a resolution: I was going to craft my ultimate gaming and home working setup, building one catch-all nerd goblin bunker so that my hobbies and work stopped spilling over into the rest of the house, where there’d soon be a tiny human tearing about.

I knew my office was going to have to move to make way for the nursery anyway. We were going to have to make the house bigger, and that gave me a blank slate. After building work, PC upgrades, technology-wrangling, and over a year from making the decision to go all-out on my gaming setup, I finally understand the dark truth: this industry and technology move so fast that nobody can sustain the ultimate.

With that said, I wanted to talk a little about the things I’ve learned through my process of building this room out – and hopefully any of you making gaming caves can learn a little from my experiences, good and bad:

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