League of Legends new champion Aurora is a roaming, evasive monster you’ve absolutely got to try

Aurora has just been announced officially as the next big champion release for League of Legends. As an AP carry with a focus on confusing enemies and quickly roaming around the map for skirmishes, she looks to be an absolute powerhouse. I was able to try out the champion earlier this month firsthand, and can earnestly say she’ll be a monstrous release.

I’ll break down all the abilities below, including what they actually do and interesting tidbits about them! After that, I’ll give general impressions and notes I had on her strengths in lane, what she’ll be strong against and her weaknesses too!

First up is her passive: Spirit Abjuration. Spirits are drawn to Aurora passively, providing additional movement speed. But how do you get these spirits? When Aurora damages an enemy 3 times with her spells and attacks (who doesn’t love a three-strike passive), she will perform an exorcism that deals a percentage of the enemy’s max health as magic damage and frees a spirit. This spirit will empower her healing her every second, and turns on her Spirit Mode. Spirit mode grants additional movement for a few seconds.

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