Larian’s next game won’t be Baldur’s Gate 4, DLC, or anything with Dungeons & Dragons

Surprising the audience at his GDC talk today, Larian’s founder and CEO Swen Vincke announced the Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin developer won’t be making any DLC or expansions for the game, and in fact will be leaving the Dungeons & Dragons world behind entirely.

Finishing up his talk, Vincke said: “I told you at the beginning that we were a company of big ideas. We are not a company that’s made to create DLCs, expansions. We tried that actually, a few times. We failed every time – it’s not our thing. Life is too short. Our ambitions are very large.”

Vincke continued, “Baldur’s Gate will always have a warm spot in our heart. We’ll forever be proud of it, but we’re not gonna continue in it. We’re not gonna make new expansions, which everybody is expecting us to do. We’re not gonna make Baldur’s Gate 4, which everyone is expecting us to do. We’re gonna move on – we’re gonna move away from D&D and start making a new thing.

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