Keen to see Dragon Age get a Fallout-style TV series? Well, its former lead writer would rather watch an Animal Crossing political thriller

Now we’re all basking in the radioactive glow of success coming from Amazon’s Fallout TV show, a lot of people are naturally wondering which video game series they might like to see get the Hollywood treatment next. Interestingly, for Dragon Age‘s former lead writer, the answer isn’t, er, Dragon Age.

Yep, as it turns out, not everyone who’s worked on a video game necessarily thinks that game would translate well, or come off in the same way it does in game form, on the big screen. Sometimes things might just not translate, you know, no matter how many little homages to the games that inspired the series or fun maps you might be able to sprinkle in.

Responding to a post about the idea of a Fallout-style TV shows being made about other games (thanks, TheGamer), David Gaider, who formerly served as the lead writer on the Dragon Age series while working at Bioware, tweeted that he thinks a Dragon Age show would be “a terrible idea”.

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