Jurassic World Evolution 2’s follow-up should also look to Netflix’s animated series for inspiration

After stumbling late last year with Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin and following some side projects that didn’t pay off, Frontier Developments announced they were refocusing on sim games for the foreseeable. The British video game developer has excelled over the years with titles such as Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster, but the two Jurassic World Evolution games performed well above expectations, so of course a third one is coming.

The announcement dropped out of nowhere last week and came straight from Frontier, who acknowledged how much of a huge win the ongoing collaboration with Universal had been so far. Mind you, the press release didn’t outright confirm their next game is Jurassic World Evolution 3, but given their recent strategy shift and how well that series has sold so far (including DLCs), it’s hard to imagine the developer suddenly starting to work on a Jurassic World game in another genre.

While the first Jurassic World Evolution had a number of shortcomings — many of which were ironed out over time through free updates and paid DLC — and lacked many key features such as flying and marine prehistoric animals, it established a solid foundation to build upon, and Jurassic Park/World fans were more than happy with it after waiting for a spiritual successor to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for 15 years.

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