Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack Available Now

Following December’s Early Cretaceous Pack, Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack brings you even more spectacular prehistoric species to help expand your parks.

It’s our first pack to take inspiration from a hit animation series, “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.” Based on Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, and DreamWorks Animation’s beloved Netflix series, Jurassic World Evolution 2’s latest DLC features prehistoric species that have stomped and stalked your screens across four seasons.

The exciting new pack adds to the game two entirely new dinosaurs, as well as two new variants for existing species, and eight eye-catching skins you can use to bring your park to life. So, let’s detail exactly what’s in the pack. First, it’s the Scorpios rex, a fearsome carnivore with blood-red eyes, charcoal-black scales, prominent spikes, and jagged teeth. It’s something of a landmark in genetic engineering, too, being one of Dr. Wu’s first hybrid creations. Expect aggression from this experimental dinosaur. And make sure your fences are secure, because trust me, you really don’t want a Scorpios rex on the loose.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

Next, the Monolophosaurus, a medium-sized carnivore from the mid-Jurassic period. Its distinguished crest helps intensify roars and aids communication between other members of its species, just as you saw in the show. There’s the Ouranosaurus, a peaceful herbivore with a broad snout and tall spines on its back supporting a fatty, camel-like hump. A social species used to living large herds, you’ll want to ensure multiple individuals are sharing the same enclosure.

And rounding out the pack’s four prehistoric species is the Kentrosaurus, a docile herbivore covered in lethal-looking spikes. These protrude from its shoulders and hips, giving the Kentrosaurus an effective means of defense when threatened.

With bespoke behaviors and needs, not to mention their unique designs, the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack’s additions are ready to help you expand your park. And they’re joined by eight stunning skins, letting you customize existing inhabitants with brand new cosmetics. Again, these are all inspired by dinosaurs from “Camp Cretaceous.”

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

There’s a skin based on Bumpy the Ankylosaurus, three Baryonyx skins based on Grim, Limbo and Chaos, a Tyrannosaurus Rex skin based on Big Eatie, a Carnotaurus skin based on Toro, and two absolutely amazing Parasaurolophus Lux skins that are bioluminescent, so they actually glow in the dark. They really are a beautiful sight at night. I love how all of the skins came together, and I can’t wait for you to check them out in the game.

The team at Frontier spent a lot of time ensuring both the eight skins and four dinosaurs are as authentic as possible. To get that just right we had a blast watching back-to-back episodes of the show over countless hours and relished referring to detailed notes and behind-the-scenes research materials provided by our good friends at Universal and DreamWorks Animations. It was a lovely excuse to revisit how the campers dealt with the myriad of dangers that came their way after being abandoned on Isla Nublar.

Fans of the show will relish the experience of managing their favorite dinosaurs from “Camp Cretaceous.” Even if you’ve never watched a single episode of animated series before, there’s still a lot to love about our new Dinosaur Pack. I’m so excited for all of you to play it, and you can do so right now by purchasing it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

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Showcase an array of outstanding new prehistoric species with the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack. Inspired by Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation’s hit Netflix show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, this DLC features two entirely new dinosaurs, two new variants for existing species, and eight eye-catching skins that players can use to bring their parks to life.

One of Dr. Henry Wu’s first hybrid creations, the Scorpios Rex is a truly fearsome carnivore. Blood-red eyes, charcoal-black scales, prominent spikes, and jagged, uneven teeth characterise this impressive species. Known for its aggressive nature, it was originally deemed unfit for display…until now. MONOLOPHOSAURUS  
Named for the single crest adorning its skull, the Monolophosaurus is a medium-sized carnivore from the mid-Jurassic period. Its distinguished crest helps intensify roars and aids communication between Monolophosauruses. OURANOSAURUS  (Variant)
The Ouranosaurus is a peaceful herbivore that lives in large herds. Keeping a single Ouranosaurus is not advised, as lone individuals have been known to break out of their enclosures and panic guests. The Ouranosaurus has a broad snout and tall spines on its back supporting a camel-like hump. KENTROSAURUS  (Variant)
Despite being covered in lethal-looking spikes, the Kentrosaurus is actually a docile herbivore that uses its beak to bite off plant material. One of the smallest species of stegosaur, the Kentrosaurus defends itself when threatened using long spikes on each shoulder and smaller spikes protruding from its hips and tail. 8 NEW DINOSAUR SKINS
Bring the Baryonyx trio Grim, Limbo and Chaos, plus Toro the Carnotaurus, Bumpy the Ankylosaurus, and Big Eatie the Tyrannosaurus Rex to life in your parks, and entrance your guests with two glow-in-the-dark skins inspired by the Parasaurolophus Lux.
·         1 Ankylosaurus skin – Bumpy ·         3 Baryonyx skins – Grim, Limbo, Chaos
·         1 Carnotaurus skin – Toro
·         2 Parasaurolophus Lux skins – Lux 1 (glow in the dark), Lux 2 (glow in the dark) 
·         1 Tyrannosaurus rex skin – Big Eatie 

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Frontier’s ground-breaking 2018 management simulation, Jurassic World Evolution, offering an all new narrative campaign voiced by cast members from across the Jurassic World film franchise, exciting new features, four engaging game modes, and an expanded roster of awe-inspiring dinosaurs.    An Original Jurassic World Story  Learn what it takes to be a park management master in Campaign mode, a compelling, original narrative that puts you at the heart of the action following the earth-shattering events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Work alongside iconic characters from the films, including Dr. Ian Malcolm (voiced by Jeff Goldblum) and Claire Dearing (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard), and lead the efforts to control, conserve, and contain wild dinosaurs now rampaging across the USA. Create your own Jurassic World  Take control with deeper management tools and creative options. Construct a range of customisable new buildings and hire new Scientists, and shape your park to meet the needs of both your guests and dinosaurs. Unleash your creativity in Sandbox mode, or test your skills in Challenge mode as you deal with diverse locations and environmental calamities. Play with Chaos Theory Play through key moments of your favourite films – with a twist. Experience ‘what-if’ scenarios from iconic Jurassic World and Jurassic Park films, each level set across eras and locations from all five movies. Dive into the Jurassic World franchise and see how events unfold when you take control. Discover Awe-Inspiring Dinosaurs Over 75 different prehistoric species come to life in Jurassic World Evolution 2, including highly requested flying and marine reptiles. These animals feel more alive than ever as they preside over territory, fight for dominance, and react intelligently to the world around them. Use bioengineering to customise dinosaurs with bold new colours, and alter their genomes to unlock traits.

Early Cretaceous Pack Out Now for Jurassic World Evolution 2
Bring Dinosaurs to Life in Jurassic World Evolution 2, Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
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