“It feels right” – Fallout’s original creator’s now properly reviewed Amazon’s TV show, and he still likes it

One of the original creators of Fallout, Tim Cain, has revealed his full thoughts on the recently released Fallout TV show, after having previously given the first two episodes a thumbs up. A producer, lead programmer and designer on the original game, Cain came away from Amazon’s own take on the Fallout universe with positive thoughts on the series, expressing interest in season 2.

We’re not going to go over every point – for the full thoughts you can check out Cain’s video here, but it’s worth noting some of the bits he was especially keen on. These include the lore drops, and the show’s lack of overbearing narration or boring info dumps.

“One thing I loved about this show so much – there [were] a lot of lore drops,” Cain said, “I missed stuff. I’ve watched videos where people try to fidn all the easter eggs, I’ve seen peopel throw up Reddit threads where they notice something and I’m like ‘I watched that and did not see that’. What I especially love about it is there’s no exposition. There was never a narrator explaining this stuff to you. Never a character who had some big wall of text that would have been in the game, or some big long [voice over].”

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