How to play Fallout 4 as your fave from the TV show

TV shows are alarmingly short these days. Long gone is the era of 26 episode seasons. Nowadays, you’re lucky to get ten episodes per year of your favourite show. With Fallout, the absolute television event of the year, we’ve had to make do with just eight installments. Sure, that means there’s very little fat or filler in there, but damnit, we just want to spend more time in the wasteland with those particular characters. Because, let’s be frank, the TV show is great. Even the director of the original game thinks so.

Well, enter Zoe from our sister publication Eurogamer with this handy video guide for building Lucy MacLean, Maximus, and The Ghoul as your Fallout 4 protagonist, and just in time for the long-awaited current gen update coming next week. Sure, you’ll have to fill in some of the gaps with your imagination, but that’s what role playing is all about. This guide is for the vanilla game and doesn’t utilise any mods, so console players are welcome to get stuck in.

So check out the video above. Anything to take the sting out of the long wait for season 2, right?

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