How To Beat Rennala Queen Of The Full Moon – Elden Ring Boss Guide

how to beat rennala queen of the full moon

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Rennala Queen of the Full Moon is the demigod, or rather has one in her possession, who resides in the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon. The motherly sorceress is in the Grand Library, surrounded by her orphaned disciples, and casts powerful magic attacks. Unlike Margit or Godrick, this is a relatively easy fight – especially for melee-focused users. In this Elden Ring boss guide, I’ll show you how to beat Rennala Queen of the Full Moon. 

how to beat rennala queen of the full moon


Rennala has two phases she transitions between at half health. The first is more a puzzle than a battle, while the second is a moonlit duel requiring you to dodge a bevy of magic projectiles. If you’re aggressive enough, you can cut the mage down quickly and end the struggle before she casts her most destructive spells. The demigod is highly resistant to magic damage, so your best strategy is to inflict physical injury. 

Lastly, there isn’t an NPC summon available for this encounter, though your spirit summons will help immensely. I recommend using the Godrick Soldier Ashes or Lone Wolf Ashes, as they’re both effective at interrupting Rennala’s spellcasting. Regardless, save your Spirit Summons until the second stage of the fight.

how to beat rennala queen of the full moon

How To Beat Rennala

After entering the library, Rennala will be floating above her classroom of students, enveloped by a forcefield. Immediately start searching for the three gold-glowing minions – you have to kill them before you can damage the boss. Be mindful of the many enemies in the classroom – the candleholders breathe fire, others hurl objects, and the glowing minions cast books at you. Run through the study and eliminate the three radiant students. Sometimes they’ll be lying beneath Rennala, while others may hide along the outer perimeter of the library. 

The boss’ forcefield will burst open, and she’ll fall to the ground. She is completely vulnerable at this moment, so be unrelenting in your attacks. Back away immediately when Rennala’s hands start glowing, as this signals she’s about to cast a large explosion and reset her forcefield. Now you’ll have to repeat this entire process, during which Rennala is likely to be more aggressive and will occasionally hurl projectiles at you. If your damage output is high enough, you’ll only have to repeat this cycle twice.

how to beat rennala queen of the full moon

The boss will teleport you to a moonlit lake during her second phase, where her attacks become much more fatal. She will open with a three-second cast, unleashing a devastating magic beam capable of one-shotting anything in its path. After dodging her attack, immediately call upon your Spirit Summons, and afterward, dodge the projectiles she’s likely to send your way. You’ll be rewarded for an aggressive playstyle, as the boss has little armor and will be staggered by a consistent stream of damage. If you deal enough damage and play aggressively, it’s entirely possible to defeat Rennala before she uses her most harmful spells. 

However, if you can’t defeat her early, you’ll need to know how to overcome a few spells. When the lunar sorceress summons the floating moon, back away immediately, waiting to see if it’s tracking you or your spirit companions. The celestial object explodes upon impact and is sure to kill you. If it does follow you, evade it by running or dodging as it gets close. Rennala also has a few projectile abilities that function similarly to each other. When she begins charging up the spell, be prepared to outrun and dodge the missiles before they hit you. If hit, you’re likely to be knocked back. 

Lastly, Rennala can summon various spirits: wolves, a giant troll or Bloodhound Knight, or even a massive dragon. Besides the wolves, do not attack her spirit summons. Instead, dodge their attacks while landing hits on Rennala.

I hope these strategies help you to beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. If you need further assistance, be sure to watch our Elden Ring beginner’s guide or read about the best late-game Rune-farming location right here.


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