Hi-Fi Rush t-shirt datamine offers more evidence of Switch, PlayStation release

Last week, developer Tango Gameworks distributed a relatively minor Hi-Fi Rush update to celebrate the first anniversary of the acclaimed rhythm-brawler’s release; however, dataminers poking around the update’s innards are now claiming to have found further evidence – in the form of unique t-shirt designs – that a PlayStation and Switch launch is on the way.

Reports that the previously PC and Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush could be making its way to PlayStation and Switch first began circulating in January, after a number of reliable leakers started expanding on claims by insider Nate the Hate that Microsoft was set to “one of [its] more acclaimed first party releases to a competitor system” this year.

And while there’s been no sign of an official announcement to back up those reports in the weeks since, datamined discoveries in Hi-Fi Rush’s latest update (thanks Wario64) have lent further credence to the rumours. Patch 7, as last week’s update is officially known, includes an Anniversary T-Shirt Bundle containing new clothing for Chai to wear. Four of these designs are available to everyone, while three are exclusive to the platform – Xbox, Steam, or the Epic Games Store – players own the game on. However, a number of dataminers are now claiming to have unearthed two additional, unused T-shirts in the update, looking suspiciously like exclusive designs for Switch and PlayStation.

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