Here’s your first look at Return to Silent Hill, the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2 that could release alongside its remake

Remember the okay-ish Silent Hill adaptation directed by Christophe Gans and released in 2006? Well, the French director has been working under the radar on a big follow-up of sorts that also happens to be a reboot. The surprise? It’s adapting the plot of Silent Hill 2, which is about to receive a Bloober Team-developed remake too.

A big-screen return for the Silent Hill franchise only makes sense, as it remains one of the most influential and very best horror game series of all time… until it stopped being good. While Gans’ plans to return to Silent Hill have been in motion for a few years now, it seems that the arrival of his new movie, which is currently trying to secure internal distribution (via Variety), could line up with the release of Silent Hill 2’s divisive (so far) remake.

The first-look image, as seen above, features the iconic Pyramid Head advancing towards the camera. This will be more than enough to excite many fans, yet we’re still waiting to see how James Sunderland (Jeremy Irvine) looks and acts in this iteration of the acclaimed story. Hannah Emily Anderson plays Mary, and the rest of the cast includes Evie Templeton, Howard Saddler, Eve Macklin, and Robert Strange, among others.

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