Grid Legends review – a fun but thin expansion to 2019’s reboot

If you’re plugged into the racing game scene, you’ll have noticed that Gran Turismo 7 is nearly upon us. If you’re particularly aware, you might have spotted that it’s that series’ 25th anniversary year. What you perhaps haven’t spotted is that there’s another racing series that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new release a mere week before.

Unlike Gran Turismo 7, which has clung to a successful formula and recognisable aesthetic for its full quarter century, Grid Legends is barely recognisable as a sequel to 1997’s TOCA Touring Car Championship, the game at the root of its lineage. And while describing this as a TOCA game is a bit like claiming that the latest Mercedes Formula One challenger is actually a silver Tyrrell, fire up a race in its Classic Touring Car class behind the wheel of a yellow and blue Renault Laguna and the spirit lives on.

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