Gran Turismo 7’s multiplayer has a bit of a problem right now

The first numbered Gran Turismo game in over eight years has brought with many beloved features that have been missing for a while, with the headline being the return of proper car customization. Being able to spec out a humble Toyota Aqua until it’s race ready is a fun experience, but there’s one problem – it’s kind of ruining the multiplayer experience at the moment.

Gran Turismo 7’s online offering is near identical to that seen in the multiplayer-focussed Gran Turismo Sport – hence the multiplayer mode being called simply Sport – in that there are daily races that rotate in and out with various requirements. Previously, these races were typically subject to a Balance of Performance, or BoP – a term borrowed from real-life GT racing that operates along similar lines, with the game ensuring all cars entered have a similar performance to ensure close racing.

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