Good news, Helldivers 2’s latest patch ensures the Ground Breaker armour’s no longer a victim of accidental false advertising

It’s another day, so here’s news of another Helldivers 2 patch that does things. What are those things? Well, a lot of the usual kinds of fixes, plus a passive swap that stops one of the latest warbond’s armours from accidentally being a magnet for buyer’s confusion, if not buyer’s remorse.

If you’re out of the loop, the Democratic Detonation Warbond arrived in-game last week, bringing with it a bunch of useful tools to help you continue to battle the returned automatons, even if you can’t afford the latest ship module upgrades. Sadly, up until this latest patch arrived, if you bought one of the armour sets on offer, you weren’t quite getting what you paid for.

As detailed in the notes for patch 01.000.203, the main thing it does is resolve a bit of a mixup regarding the CE-27 Ground Breaker armour. You see, it’d accidentally shipped with a ‘servo-assisted’ passive, instead of the ‘engineering kit’ one it was advertised as featuring.

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