Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense hands-on preview – plenty of goats, some chaos, and a giant capybara

The first thing I did when I jumped into Goat Simulator 3‘s big new expansion for the first time during a preview session was get flung up into the stratosphere.

I hadn’t planned to do that, but it happened, and I ran with it in the only way I could fathom. I tried to land right atop the head/snout of the giant talking capybara that lords over the pretty huge new map. Unfortunately, whether due to a lack of velocity or an invisible wall, I didn’t quite make it.

After I’d dredged my Pilgor out of the sea, I was able to head into the three distinct areas that make up the capybara’s domain. There’s Goat City, an slightly retro-styled urban environment where the big twist is that goats and humans have had their stations in life reversed Planet of the Apes style. There’s Toontown, filled – as you’d expect – with cartoony architecture and NPCs that look like they’ve auditioned to play Goofy and gotten rejected. Then, there’s Mount Olympus, which is basically Goat Sim Ancient Greece, complete with togas, mythical figures, and at least one statue you can gravely injure by headbutting in the heel.

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