Ghostwire: Tokyo is really, really weird – but that’s a really, really good thing

Ghostwire: Tokyo is weird. Tango Gamesworks’ latest has you racing all over Shibuya, battling demonic Yokai by sending energy flying out of your hands, worming your way through possessed houses, interacting with dogs and cats by reading their thoughts, and going on a hunt for a tanuki’s mates who came to Tokyo to see the sights for the day.

Yeah, it’s really weird. Ghostwire: Tokyo’s opening hours put you in the shoes of Akito, a Tokyo-ite who was dead, but has now risen from the grave thanks to being partially possessed by a vengeful spirit called K.K. Co-inhabiting a body, the two set off around Shibuya to uncover why everyone has suddenly disappeared, leaving only their clothes behind, and why a guy in a Hannya mask is pursuing Akito’s sister.

Akito’s got control over his body, save his right arm, which K.K. commandeers to blast spiritual energy at demons around Shibuya. An odd buddy cop dynamic blossoms between the duo in a matter of hours, as K.K. constantly talks smack to Akito, and the latter gives as good as he gets, berating K.K. for his dirty apartment and other strange habits. Akito takes the whole “everyone vanishing off the face of the earth” thing remarkably well, and Ghostwire hits the ground running with its overarching narrative of saving the city.

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