Genshin Impact-like Wuthering Waves looks like it’s going to be the next must-play PC game

Heads up folks, another massive PC release is almost here. No, it’s not some out-of-nowhere FPS, or a gigantic narrative RPG. It’s a game called Wuthering Waves, a Genshin Impact style open world action game. If you’ve got any hunger at all for fast-paced combat, sweeping planes filled with various creatures and critters, or slick sci-fi aesthetics, it’s a game you should be keeping in mind.

We already previewed the game following GDC 2024 and came away excited for the eventual public release. It is looking to be a banger – save for the possibility of late game problems, launch technical issues, and other as-of-yet unforeseeable roadbumps. With over 30 million players pre-registered across all platforms, a tidal wave of interest will crash down upon it all at once. You’ll see the usual gacha-focused crowd diving in obviously, but Wuthering Waves may even have potential to break out of that bubble.

The reason being is simple – it’s the first real contender that’s battling for Genshin Impact’s spot. Great gacha games have come up since its rocket-powered release at the start of the COVID lockdowns, and they’ve all managed to cut out their own respectable audiences. Honkai Star Rail, Fate Grand Order, Nikke… But none have that same scope or the perhaps shameless, uh, let’s call it “inspiration” from Breath of the Wild. Genshin Impact launched at the perfect time – it gave millions stuck inside a vast open world to explore and cool characters to gamble on. No game has been in a position to hit such a high since.

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