Funko taking a leaf out of Lego’s playbook with new AAA games

You’re likely aware of those little Funko Pop! models which line the walls of comic book stores and supermarkets across the country. Funko has taken many of our beloved gaming heroes (as well as characters from other media) and given them a small-framed but massive-headed makeover. I, myself, have a Lara Croft one as part of my ever-growing Tomb Raider collection of ‘stuff’.

Well, soon we will be seeing these diminutive, top-heavy, figurines in a whole new light, as a new partnership between Funko and Jon Burton’s 10.10 Games studio was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. This collaboration promises us “AAA video games” that will eventually head our way.

You can watch the trailer – which features a guitar-loving and crown-wearing Funko called Freddy – for it all below.

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