Forspoken Shows Off Fantasy Enchantment In New Trailer

Platform: PlayStation 5, PC
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix

Are you ready to explore a mysterious fantasy world with magic, mayhem, and lightning-fast action? That’s the question a new Forspoken trailer asks players! Featured today in a PlayStation State of Play, the new trailer showcases a ton of action segments, showing off a wide variety of environments, spells, and enemies. Frey must survive against the impossible odds in the lands of Athia, but she’ll have plenty of abilities to fight back with. Check out the entire trailer right here:

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Of particular note in this trailer are a sensational battle against a titanic dragon and incredible area-of-effect spells against swarms of foes. Frey’s traversal abilities are impressive, allowing for fast movement in and out of combat, both in aerial and aquatic situations. For more on Forspoken, check out our cover story hub for tons of info and exclusive content.


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