First official portrait of the King makes him look like a video game villain, so of course it’s already been modded into Dishonored

King Charles unveiled the first official portrait of himself since his coronation earlier this week, and uh, he only looks a little bit like an Elden Ring boss.

I’m not quite sure who told the artist behind Charles’ first portrait as King to make him look like he is engulfed in the flames of hell, but that’s pretty much exactly how it came out. If the painting was of anyone other than a royal family member I’d honestly say it’s pretty sick, hell, I’d love to be painted in a way that makes me look like a terrifying boss from a video game. It’s just, when you’re literally the king of England, well, in the first instance it might not be all that tonally appropriate, but you also best be prepared for people to take the p**s out of it. Which, of course, many quickly have, with several users online quickly pointing out how much it looks like a portrait from the Dishonored series.

So, of course, someone has already modded Charlie’s new portrait into Dishonored (thanks, PC Gamer). As demonstrated by Timo on YouTube, the mod in question just acts as a simple texture swap that replaces the Lord Regent’s picture with King Charles’. Like many paintings in Dishonored, you can also nab it for yourself, though I’m not exactly sure if that counts as treason or not, so maybe it’d be better not to do so? Still, it’s a good laugh for this week on the hellsit known as Twitter, certainly better than the usual faff people get up to.

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