Final Fantasy 16’s The Rising Tide DLC concludes Clive’s story with new battles, locations, and more on April 18

Square Enix has announced that the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy 16, titled The Rising Tide, will be released on April 18, following the launch of the first paid DLC, Echoes of the Fallen.

This is the final DLC chapter for the action RPG and unlocks an all-new story, battles, sidequests, weapons, accessories, a new level cap, and more. In The Rising Tide, an unmarked letter arrives to Clive at the hideaway containing a request to rescue the Dominant of Leviathan, the long-lost Eikon of Water. The rescue takes Clive and his companions to the hidden land of Mysidia where they will uncover the history of a forgotten people.

The Rising Tide will become available after unlocking Origin as a destination on the world map and completing the quest Priceless in the main scenario. You can look over the steps needed to experience the DLC in the link above.

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