Father Of Newborn Child Uses Free Time To Get Trophies Added To Bugsnax DLC, Still Doesn’t Have Peace Walker Platinum

It’s a story as old as time.

Someone claims to love PlayStation trophies – even though they don’t have the platinum for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – finds out a game they want to play doesn’t have trophies, and they go online and pester those hardworking indie developers until trophies get added. In this case, that person is Greg Miller, whom some (very few, probably) know from IGN and Kinda Funny. Most people would know him as the photographer of washed-up hero, Shirtless Spider-Man

Young Horses, the developers behind Bugsnax, excitedly tweeted out its new trailer for its upcoming Isle of Bigsnax DLC, shortly after the trailer aired during last week’s PlayStation State of Play showcase. Excited, happy, joyful – the trailer was live. Lo and behold, who appears in their mentions? Greg Miller. 

This dude can’t even give the team a “congrats” or “great trailer.” No, he immediately hits them with “New Trophies?” to which the team replied, “not this time. Sorry Greg!” 

Miller then offers to make Young Horses a list for free (again, he doesn’t even have the Peace Walker platinum and he’s out here acting like the authority on all things Trophies? Yikes) and commands the team to tell PlayStation they’ve reconsidered their position on trophies in Isle of Bigsnax. Young Horses complies, and two days later, the DLC has trophies, as first reported by PlayStation Lifestyle

Credit must be given where credit is due: Miller did convince/coerce/force a small indie team of developers to add trophies to its upcoming Bugsnax DLC. However, look at the cost: Miller’s racked up some mighty press about how he’s a PlayStation Trophy tour-de-force. He’ll surely use that the next time some developer announces a game doesn’t have trophies as “credibility” for why they should trust him to make its trophy list.

For more about Bugsnax (because you really don’t need more about Miller, do you?), check out our thoughts on it in Game Informer’s Bugsnax review and then read about the supersized expansion coming to it next year.


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