Fallout TV series’ in-show phone number might be teasing news in “33 weeks”

Fallout, you might have noticed, is having a bit of moment thanks to Amazon’s acclaimed new live-action TV series; and one of its many easter eggs – an on-screen phone number that also happens to work if you dial it in the real world – has fans a-chatter as they ponder the significance of a curious message and a specific timeframe relayed within.

The phone number in question – 213-25-VAULT – makes an appearance during a Vault-themed infomercial, hosted by Walter Goggins’ Cooper Howard, during the Fallout TV show’s sixth episode. As Goggins does his thing, an on-screen message encourages viewers to “Call now!”, and attentive fans have, as you might imagine, now done precisely that.

Ringing the number (thanks IGN) greets callers with the wails and cries of a man seemingly mid-torture before the line goes dead. More noteworthy, however, is the discovery that texting the number results in an entirely different response. “Thank you for texting Vault-Tec,” the reply reads. “The next available appointment is 33 weeks from now, please stand by!”. Additionally, there’s an option to receive follow-up marketing material, eliciting the reply, “Congratulations! We may or may not be in touch if an appointment becomes available”.

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