Elden Ring’s Best Rune Farming Location

Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: From Software

First off, this guide that shows you where to get some of the best rune farming in Elden Ring available assumes that you are okay with spoilers, because we’ll be describing a fairly out-of-the-way area in which you can acquire a ton of runes incredibly fast. So before we begin, spoiler warning. For real.

Are you headed into the late game, coming up against challenges like the Godskin Duo or Malenia? Find yourself in need of twenty or forty levels real fast to use some new weapons, spells, or armor? Well, we’ve got a treat for you then. Join us as we reveal one of the best places to get hundreds of thousands of runes in minutes, a magical land filled with a swarm of creatures worth over 2000 runes each – and most don’t even fight back! Make your way to the land of Mohg, The Blood Lord through the portal found in the far west of the area accessed via the secret Haligtree Lift. If you need help finding the amulet or portal, use our handy guide here, in which you will also find instructions on how to access this location.

The portal to the Blood Lord’s lair can be found somewhere around here. You’ll be attacked by an NPC invader. Kill him, and the portal will open.

Once you have access to Mohg’s Palace area, the farm location is actually at the first checkpoint, The Palace Approach Ledge-Road. This area is completely packed with foes, but the vast majority of them are sitting down and won’t attack you until you’ve had plenty of time to attack them, you can usually kill them before they can respond.

This provides the ultimate in podcast or Netflix rune farming, where you can horde vast quantities of runes with almost zero risk, as the checkpoint is but a few feet away. This process is fast no matter what, but if you have an area of effect ability via magic or an ash of war, it will go even faster. Here, you can easily take yourself into an extremely high-level territory and a match for any encounter you could possibly face. Because of the high density of enemies here, you have a great shot at having some of them randomly spawn with “gold eyes” as well, meaning they will yield a ton more runes. Take a look at how fast this method works in the video below! Happy hunting!

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