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Platform: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release: 2013
Rating: Rating Pending

Today’s new episode of The Game Informer Show is bursting with everything you need to know about Elden Ring as we discuss why we think developer FromSoftware’s latest adventure lives up to the hype. That’s not all though, as we’re also wishing longtime GI vet Ben Reeves a fond farewell as he sails off to great things at his new position, along with another great round of Listener Questions.

Production Note: Our recording software cut out during the episode, so we apologize for any audio hitches you may encounter. We’ll have everything taken care of next week. We appreciate your understanding.

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Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:04:16 – Ben Reeves Says Goodbye
00:13:58 – Elden Ring Review Discussion
00:52:27 – Far: Changing Tides
00:57:03 – Neon White Demo
01:01:17 – Earthbound on Switch
01:06:28 – Housekeeping
01:10:48 – Listener Questions


Topic Of The Show:

Elden Ring Is A Stunner

For years, From fans the world over have wondered how their favorite developer would top the seminal highs of Bloodborne, Sekiro, and the Souls series. FromSoftware’s answer is Elden Ring, and according to our own Dan Tack, it sets a new bar for other titles to aspire to. Join our resident Souls expert, alongside relative first-time players Van Aken and Jay, as they break down why Elden Ring has been such a joy to play and what players should expect heading into the weekend in this spoiler-free discussion.

Read our Elden Ring review here

Listener Questions:

The Game Informer crew answers your burning questions.

This week’s Listener Questions segment is filled with loving questions for our departing Ben Reeves, where the crew discusses their favorite stories, Benventions, and Replay moments, alongside a chat about Reeves’ literary career. 

Read this week’s questions below and submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at Podcast@GameInformer.com:

Question for the panel, working for game informer what has been your favorite piece, and which was the most difficult. – RAWKPARTEE (Discord)
Does Ben plan to write/release any more novels? – Zach Pligge (Discord)
What is your best Benvention from your time at GI? – BiscuitsWithDavey (Discord)
Question for Reeves – are you, like a spider-nut? But for real, gonna miss him at GI and his specific brand of street comedy, but wish him all the luck. Firaxis is lucky to get him! Actual question – any standout Been Reeves Replay / Super Replay moments? – Bobby Buel (Discord)

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