Dragon’s Dogma 2 prepares for takeoff… but not on Steam Deck (for now): Streaming the only option for handheld players

Dragon’s Dogma 2 lands tomorrow, but hold on to your excitement, handheld PC gamers, because your new pride and joy won’t be the perfect travel companion for this adventure.

That’s because your handheld is likely unable to run the game well in the first place.

According to RPGsite, outside of streaming Dragon’s Dogma 2 from another PC or a console, you won’t be playing it on handhelds such as Steam Deck, the ROG Ally from Asus, or even Lenovo Legion Go. If you own the Ayaneo 2, a gaming handheld more powerful than Steam Deck, you’ll be able to run the game, but this handheld too has its problems, so it’s not recommended either.

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