Dragon’s Dogma 2 is being review bombed on Steam over microtransactions, but the situation has been blown out of proportion

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has just been released and, er, people are certainly talking about it, though a lot of that chatter isn’t positive. You see, reviews for the version of the game on Steam are already mostly negative, citing performance issues and a huge day one DLC lineup that’s rubbed people the wrong way.

Now, largely thanks to the whole 30 fps on consoles discourse and debate about whether slaughtering a bunch of innocent NPCs would be a good way to try and improve your fps numbers on PC (they were joking, put the sword down), we already knew the game was taxing on hardware. But, now the DLC’s entered the fray too, and, er, there’s lots of it.

Let’s kick off with a picture of how negative the reception to the game over on Steam has been so far. As of writing, the game has just jumped back up to a ‘mixed’ overall verdict, with only 40% of the 6,300-ish reviews it’s racked up so far being positive. As alluded to earlier, the majority of the reasons cited for giving a big thumbs down are related to performance, microtransactions, or both.

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