Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake developer says it regrets leaving folks hanging a bit via that early announcement

Team Asano, the studio behind the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake, has admittated that it regrets announcing the game all the way back in 2021, leaving fans to yearn for a release date reveal that only arrived via this week’s Nintendo Direct. November 14 is the date, by the way, in case you were busy washing your hair on the afternoon of June 18.

Yup, up until a teaser last month, we’d heard pretty much nothing about the game since it was revealed alongside a whole suite of other Dragon Quest games during a special Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream where everyone, it seems, kind of lost their heads a bit and went ‘errrr, here’s our thing too’. Naturally, people then wanted to know more about the remake, and its developers weren’t quite in the position to be able to tell them yet.

Now, in a tweet from the official account of Bravely Default 2, Team Asano’s said it’d probably do things differently if – in the words of Cher – it could turn back time.

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