Don’t worry, even Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead’s CEO has joined the campaign against patching out its lifesaving mid-air salutes

While there’s still very much an MO to be getting on with in Helldivers 2 – in fact, the latest one is set to end in just over an hour’s time as of writing – one discovery has been attracting a lot of attention in the community over the past day or so. It’s the lifesaving mid-fall emote, and even Arrowhead’s CEO thinks it’s cool.

As we reported yesterday, while the ability to emote while flying through the air has been a known thing in the game for a few months, the fact that making your diver go rigid by adopting a pose like doing a salute or offering a hug can seemigly decrease the amount of fall damage you take by a significant amount wasn’t.

Naturally, because this is such a funny way to avoid having your ragdolling soldier die when they splat back onto the surface, players on Reddit have urged Arrowhead not to patch it out of the game in a future update, even if it is technically an example of a system not doing what it should.

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