Disco Elysium’s remaining devs were working on a spin-off that would’ve been the “most hardcore Disco since Disco” before ZA/UM layoffs

Following layoffs at ZA/UM earlier this year, some of the developers affected have provided some details about the Disco Elysium spin-off game they were busy working on prior to it being cancelled as part of them being let go. As with all of the Disco Elysium stuff we haven’t gotten since the orginal came out, it sounds very cool.

If you’re out of the loop, to say it’s been a turbulent time for those working at the studio since Harry and Kim arrived in our lives back in 2019 would be a bit of an understatement. Prior to this year they’re already been key figures in that first game’s development parting ways with the studio, and documentaries exploring just how messy the situation had gotten.

Now, in report from PC Gamer, a number of former staff at the studio have shed some light on what the project codenamed X7 was looking like before it was canned.

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