Dicebreaker Recommends: Jaipur, a mean, lean card game for two

Dicebreaker Recommends is a series of monthly board game, RPG and other tabletop recommendations from our friends at our sibling site, Dicebreaker. This month, it’s Jaipur – one of the team’s picks for the best two-player board games around.

March is the month for strengthening our relationships, whether they’re with partners or friends. It’s nice to get a little intimate, and playing a two-player board game is the perfect way to initiate this setup. The best two-player games are usually those that are designed specifically for just two people to play, capitalising on the head-to-head nature of the situation and inciting a healthy amount of competition. Jaipur takes this concept to its most extreme, pitting its players against one another in a bitter battle that will undoubtedly leave someone feeling hard done by.

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